Come at me, bro!

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One of the newest arguments I’ve heard from the “theist front” is “Do you really think BILLIONS of people are wrong (or deluded, whatever floats your boat)?” 


Millions once thought the Earth was flat and you could fall off the edge if you went far enough. 

Empires believed that a sun god pulled the sun into the sky each day with a horse driven chariot. 

For thousands of years, different societies all over believed comets brought some doom casted by gods. 

Countless cultures believed sacrificing life and spilling blood would please their god. 

Countless wars have been fought over who’s god is greater. 

People once thought disease was god’s way of punishing people for sinning. 

At one point, you were killed if you thought the earth circled the sun. 

We kill, isolate, torture, ostracise, ridicule, and don’t grant rights to people who can not help the way they were born. 

I can go on and on…. But let’s assume you get the point. 

So….. Do I think humanity has fallen victim to false pattern recognition generation upon generation, century after centery, persisting still to this day?



My 3 Rules

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If I had to give 3 rules to, what I would think to be, an easier life for us all…. I’d say;

1) Learn and understand the only true human virtue… Patience. You’d be pleasantly surprised at how much easier things become if you just wait another second, let’s things play out a little more, and take a little time to think. Reacting to stimuli purely from emotion has its consequences, often unforseen until it’s too late. 

2) Take chances. 20 years from now, people don’t regret what did, only the things they DIDN’T do. There’s a little voice in our mind that tells us to “abandon ship” at the slightest hint of failure or mishap. It’s ok to ignore that voice from time to time. 

3) Do rules 1 and 2 withing being a douchebag or endangering anyone else. 

Expect Us (Poem)

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My last post was originally a Facebook post I typed on my phone while laying in bed, mind racing. It was recieved so well I decided to make it a poem. I’m no poet…. enjoy.

We live in a society that ridicules and insults intelligence,
where cool kids poke fun and mock the smart kids.
Where adults shame those who dare question the boundaries of the world around them
and express their deep seeded desire for understanding the conundrum.

These same people jump on Facebook
to post and text, not knowing that it took
leaps, bounds, imagination, ingenuity, and risks,
from the theory of gravity, to the laws of quantum physics.
The culmination of man’s achievements at their feet,
all so they can bat their eyes, and send that tweet.

Now I’m not saying you need to know quantum physics
to operate a phone or to watch Netflix,
but the attitude we hole at large is deplorable,
regrettable, unfortunate, shameful, dire, and miserable.

But a shift is coming.

A minority brewing with desire and uncapped passion,
scientifically literate and ready for their unmasking,
driven to understand, learn, filled with desire
to keep moving forward, a hunger that won’t expire.

We know what “progression” means, and understand that
if we are to move forward, we cannot look back.
We have to let go old ways, old thinking must break,
for it stagnates progression and we repeat our mistakes.

I can’t tell you when it will happen,
I can only tell you we’re here,
standing strong, poised, and staunch
trust me, it’s near.
Expect to see a push for change,
for discovery and to explore,
the farthest of Horizons from our cosmic shore.

And I promise it’s worth it,
this change is for the best.
It’s most effective from within,
and the wisest can attest.

So if you feel it, you know it,
and want to stand,
we’re here in growing numbers,
with extended hands.
Inhale deep, with spirits elevated,

Expect Us

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We still live in a society that ridicules intelligence, pokes fun at the smart kid, and shames those who dare to question the world around them or express their desire for understanding. These same people then pick up their phones and post on Facebook, not understanding the theory of electricity that powers it or the laws of quantum mechanics that drive the Internet. 

I’m not suggesting that you need quantum physics and the definition of theory to operate a cell phone, but the attitude we largely have is ignorant and deplorable. 

A shift is coming. 

There’s a minority brewing with scientific literacy and the drive for discovery, learning, and understanding. They know the meaning of the term “progression” and if we are to move forward, we have to let go old ways. We understand that rigid thinking stagnates social progression and we also understand that social shift and change is best effective if it happens from within.

I can’t tell you when it will happen, but I can tell you it’s there. I’m a part of it. We’re here. Expect to see a social “push” towards inquiry and wonder, a push towards new horizons. 

I’m tired of seeing ignorance celebrated. 


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I had the most amazing thing ever happen to me while I was asleep.I think I had my first lucid dream!! I also think I had sleep paralysis a bit. 

It’s about 5am and I’m laying in my bed (lights on), on my back facing up, and I begin to see my ceiling dim. As it dimmed, I felt really heavy and my hearing began to “cave in”, as if the room were getting smaller and smaller. I couldn’t really move, but I didn’t care for I was curious to see and experience what was happening to me. Though I was a bit shocked and nervous, I let go.

 I don’t remember how much time had past, but suddenly 2 distinct things happened-

1- I realized I was dreaming . My thoughts were extremely “heavy” and realistic. Once I realized I was in a dream state, I began to move around, consciously, within my dream. It wasn’t easy at first. 

2- I also realized my eyes were open and I was staring at my ceiling!! But I couldn’t really move, and I knew that I didn’t want to. It was an amazing, scary, and an entirely new experience.

As things were happening I could feel my body move. If I threw a punch, I could feel my arm twitch slightly. It became a balance between moving and not moving too much because I felt that I would knock myself out of this state.

 As for the dream itself, it’s a bit hazy. As I type this I remember a lot of colors and seeing a few of my friends. I was on the streets, kinda just walking around. The weirdest thing is I remember seeing my ceiling. I’m not sure if what I was hearing outside my window, which was open, was imposing on my dream. I was in a city environment and the busses start running outside at 5 am. As far as I can recollect, I couldn’t hear the real world.

It’s was like having 2 sides of the same being in 2 realms and they’re totally aware of the other.

I had to share. This was too intense not too.

Its 5 am….. Time to share a thought. (this might get a little long) My coworker, and friend, made a comment tonight about me learning how to juggle. She said soon I’m going to have a long resume of useless things. I laughed, because it was a cute comment, but my brain immediately began firing off a rebuttal and questions geared at attacking the foundation in reasoning that would even bring about a comment like that in the first place. But instead of attacking reasoning (knowing me I’ll end up doing it anyway), I figured I’d just say why I do the things I do.

 I have these little “rules” to my life. I try, to the best of my abilities, not to have anything I do NOT coincide with my rules. The first thing, and what’s most important, is my happiness. I’m very hedonistic in nature and almost everything I choose to do makes me happy. I feel that life is wasted if aren’t happy and you gain so much in the journey to it; new knowledge, friendships, experiences, ect. 

My second rule is that nothing is trivial. I’m a believer in the “butterfly effect” that the smallest things we do can have major effects on things in the future. The less things appear trivial, the less likely you are to take things for granted. 

Another rule to my life is that time and mind are the most precious things you can give a person. There’s no greater gift than teaching someone something new and nothing more valuable than time. You can get more money, you can’t get more time. 

Another rule is not to turn down a try. If you do…. There should be a really good reason not too, not just “I can’t right now”, “I’m too busy”, or “well… I don’t know”. If simple excuses keep you from trying things, you’re going to spend a lot of time in the future thinking about what you DIDNT do in the past. 

So, for me, juggling is another step towards my own personal happiness. To some it may not seem like much, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get more reward in making my daughter smile while doing it than in telling her it was something I wanted to do as a child but “just didn’t”. Stop making excuses for yourself, do what makes you feel good regardless of what the world may say. I do a lot of things from photography and writing to painting and now juggling. If people say, years from now, “damn, what DIDNT Marcus do?”……. I’ll be pleased with that! That’s fucking awesome. 

I just don’t turn down a try… Can you give me a good reason to? Better yet, can you give me a good reason why you have? (ah… see…. I couldn’t help it)

Don’t get caught up in the dream.. You know the house, the car, the job… That good ol’ American dream. There’s more to life than working your entire adult life to get by and leaving behind your inner child. The dream is for people who are asleep anyway.

This is where my militant side arises. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and I would never infringe upon that right, that’s part of what makes America special, BUT that comes with conditions. One of those conditions, where I draw the line, is when your beliefs put someone else in harms way.

Prayer is “wishful thinking”, at best. No prayer has ever been demonstrated to have been granted. Most times, when an event pans out in someones favor they think the prayer has been answered…… what about amputees? I’m sure many have prayed…. I’ve yet to see a limb just grow back. I know many of you hold tight to your beliefs because there are things you can’t explain (read my blog on the “God of the Gaps Fallacy….yup… shameless plug) but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to just extend those beliefs beyond you to others. It’s called PERSONAL for a specific reason. Prayer is a way for people to FEEL like they’ve done something, without actually DOING ANYTHING. From public acts of terrorism to natural disaster, you always hear “send prayers”… HOW ABOUT…. send food, money, medical supplies, ect…. you can hope and pray all you want after you put forth actual effort.

With that being said, this couple has killed their second child because of their religious beliefs. If your religious beliefs cause harm to others, oppresses, or impedes the rights of others, you have a faulty belief system and you really need to check it.

The sad part about what’s taught in religion isn’t just the content, it’s that it should never be questioned. Children are taught this and they grow up to be adults that don’t question anything. Questioning information and authority is the FIRST STEP to breaking ignorance. You wonder why certain forms of hate and ignorance will always persist?… look at what we tell our children. OBEY, JUST LISTEN, DON’T QUESTION ME!! They grow up to be drones…. The world needs drones, I suppose.

Back to these two….. how about….. and it may sound cruel, but it’s no crueler than what they did…. we inject them with the same bacteria their child died from. Let them try to “pray it away” and put their beliefs to the test. If they seek any medical attention, arrest them and lock them up. PERIOD. That only proves they’re full of shit and that they deserve everything coming to them.