Japan Takes the Cake (part 1)

Posted: February 12, 2009 in Uncategorized
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What car company sells the most bought car in America?? If you guess, you will probably still get it. For the few who may be scratching their heads I will tell you. It’s Toyota and Honda. With the way the U.S. auto industry is falling apart its no wonder they are on top if your just thinking about this. However, there is more to why Japanese automakers pump out their the way they do so that they are reliable and are a good value within it’s class.

One way to look at it is the American auto industry has been in the “Bigger is better!” mode for many years now. Back in the late 80’s Japanese auto makers decided to gear their lineup of vehicles towards the smaller and more fuel efficient line. As a result, their cars improved on the fuel efficient and quality without compromising the size. It’s easier to see that by now you have a good, reliable, fuel efficient car such as the Accord and the Camry. Not to take away the thunder of the U.S. auto industry by any means, they have made their fair share of good, sturdy, and reliable cars and trucks. For a while the Ford F-150 was the most sold vehicle in America until Honda stepped up. Where I think the U.S. industry may have made the costly mistake is by making their cars big and tough without switching the technology more towards fuel efficiency. Now we have gas guzzlers in time where gas is just becoming affordable again and MPG ratings play a big part in the buyer’s decision making process. It’s somewhat easy to understand how the F-150 was overthrown by the Accord in the popularity contest. But what would happen if looked at it from a different angle? Maybe they produce more bought cars because their society is run differently. I think it’s worth talking about.



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