Need vs. Want (Part 2)

Posted: February 12, 2009 in Life
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The disturbing thing about “need” is that it’s blasted in our ears by society all the time. We hear advertisements saying what we “need”. Corporations, the media, even the government tell us what we need all the time. No wonder to most people work is a need, you have people in your ear 24 hours a day telling you what you need! So is it our own fault? the media? society? Honestly, all of them. We make society, people are the foundation of society and culture.

We all strive to be independent and even I’ve said many of times in the past “I’m a grown ass man”. Being independent says “I have the choice to make all the decisions in my life and I am responsible for my actions and the consequences that follow”. On the contrary, being dependent says “I do NOT have a choice in my decision making because I depend on an outside influence and I will NOT be responsible for my actions and the consequences that follow”. With that said, saying I need to work is simply saying “I do not have a choice”. Do you fall into that category of people? I know I don’t. I want to work and do work for income because I choose to.

Understanding that every decision we make in life has a consequence and benefit, or “trade off”, helps in the process of taking control of ourselves to become more effective people in life. Example: I choose to work, with all the consequences and benefits that come with, because I don’t want to live on the streets , with all the consequences and benefits that come with that. Understanding that everything has a consequence and benefit helps you see that you do everything because of choice.

Choice is one of the most powerful things instilled into mankind, its what got us as far as we are right now. Saying you don’t have a choice in anything takes away the very thing that puts you above the rest of the animal kingdom. We all have the power to “rewrite” ourselves. Just because of your past or race or peers or the way you were raised does not dictate who you are, what do in life, and the decisions you make. Question: “If a women is mistreated by her father when she was young, does she grow up to like being mistreated by her boyfriends because she links love to physicality?”. Chances are you’re saying no, and though that’s just what some do, others choose to rewrite who they are.

After reading what I want to say, I expect people to walk away with different thoughts. Some may think I’m nuts, some may think I have a point but since its not the social norm why bother, and some may want to learn how to rewrite themselves and become more effective independent people. It’s just how it goes and I don’t expect anything less. For those who want to learn, lets talk about it. I love to share open, positive, intellectual communication. For the cynics, or those shaking their heads, all I want to say to them is “every innovation began by breaking with the old way of thinking“. Now I ask one last time, do we need to work?

Now here is the challenge

See if you can eliminate the word “need” from your vocabulary for a week. It isn’t easy and you will notice how much people depend on outside influences. Something as simple as “I have to catch this bus” is saying I have no choice. You do have a choice. You just don’t want to say “I’m catching this because I don’t want to be late” which places all the responsibility on you. Take responsibility, its the first step on the path to effectiveness.

  1. satyask says:


    Thx for your comment on my blog. I googled you and found your blog here. I have read just a few posts so far and they are so sensible, it is a relief.


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