Praise God

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Social Talk
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So I’m sitting here bored, looking through facebook like the internet junkie I am, and I see so many posts from people I know thanking the god for various things. Most times I just chalk it up to a narrow perspective of what goes in the world, but I keep seeing posts thanking god for the natural process of “waking up”.

I’m sure we’ve a seen it before. There’s nothing really wrong with feeling so good about waking up that you have to let the world know and letting them all know that you’re thanking god for it because you would have died if he didn’t tap you on your soul’s shoulders… But consider a couple things-

What about SIDS? Now I’m not making fun of this syndrome. It’s very serious and I truly feel sorry for anyone who has lost a loved one to this. When an infant just falls asleep and dies for NO reason, is that god taking (essentially killing) them from you, or simply forgetting to wake them up? Why would he do that to your child and let another live who grow to commit atrocities?… Like Hitler

And consider how many people don’t believe in your god (and never will) and believe in the wrong god (which is conveniently just not YOUR god). Why’s god running around waking up everyone who doesn’t believe in him? Isn’t the punishment for not believing or getting it wrong eternal suffering? According to scriptures he’s wiped out the entire planet before, so why not speed up the process a bit and get the non-believers and wrong-believers while they sleep?

I dunno… I find it all silly anyway. I’m going to sleep on this. I’ll see you all in the morning.


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