Despite Your Beliefs

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ever have a theist tell you that no matter what you believe, their religion or philosophies on the super natural world we parallel are true? I think it’s funny. Sorry, I just do. I say that because I could say the exact same thing about a super goblin from Venus pulling strings on your mind. I can say it’s true despite what you believe and have the same amount of evidence to support it that you. It’s quite valid to make the statement, given the lateral application of logic, regarless of how fatuous, asinine, or illogical it is.

I will now tell you a couple things that are ACTUALLY TRUE, FACT, despite what you believe.

Despite what you believe, all objects will fall toward the center of the Earth if they aren’t traveling with escape velocity speed. It’s because of a theory called gravity. So drop a glass of milk, paper clip, or car tire, it will fall towards the center of the Earth.

Despite what you believe, the measure of current in an electrical conductor is directly proportional to voltage being applied. It’s because of electrical theory, a collection of measurements and data about the properties of electrons and conductors.

Despite what you believe, hydrogen is the most abundant physical matter found in the universe.

To some, this may sound silly. I find it a little crazy that I have to even list those couple blurbs, let alone type this blog. But I really want to make a point that science is the best way to understand how the natural world works despite your personal beliefs. The tools of science don’t care what your favorite cereal is, whether you kissed your wife before you left for work, or what god you pray to. Data, what’s measurable, what’s fact…doesn’t care. You are entitled to your own opinion, but NOT your own facts. Facts do not lie, our application of them may, but not the fact itself. Science creates theories based of facts, laws, patterns, and data observed and tested. It’s then scrutinized by top experts in the field and then dissected by many. Anything found wrong or inconsistent has scientist back in the lab. It never ends. In fact, if a scientist isn’t in the lab and has his feet on the desk, he’s a poor scientist because there’s too much out there we DON’T know. Science claims no absolutes and understands that there is a chance, no matter how improbable, that a law or theory may now work somewhere or sometime in existence.

Science isn’t just a body of knowledge. It’s not an institution that needs to be protected. It doesn’t have an authority that no one can go against and challenge. Science always looks to change and expand as more discoveries are made and more knowledge is gained. You can challenge anything you want, it’s welcomed, for that is the only way we can move forward intellectually as a species…. BUT PLEASE COME CORRECT WHEN YOU DECIDE TO CHALLENGE SOMETHING!!

I recently has a co-worker tell me that carbon dating was wrong and then he gave the ID pitch. Which, as many should know, isn’t based off anything. But enough on the argument, my point is that he knew NOTHING on how carbon dating even works or the physics surrounding it. I didn’t want to lose a friend, so I didn’t hammer him like I could have.

Science and fact may not be pretty or elegant, but it’s the best explanation for this little thing we call REALITY.


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