You know what I’m talking about

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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You know that moment when you murder someone intellectually and you both know it burns? You deconstruct everything they say irrational and hand them a platter of their own faulty logic. Then you serve them some of your own reasoning, backed with evidence and simple logic…. and they don’t say a DAMN thing afterwards because deep down, they know you’re right.

Then there’s the spectators who sit around watching on the side of the person getting killed. They wont say a thing, they never do.

Faith based reasoning doesn’t hold up in logical practical application. PERIOD. It’s only meant for things like…. happy thoughts…. comfort… displacement of responsibility… and paranoia. What else is believing things without a shred of evidence going to get you? Not a house, job, or a cure for AIDS, that take’s real application.

Now let’s be real… who cares what anyone believes, right? I believe in Santa Clause, big deal. But if I went around stopping people from buying toys or saying the abominable snowman is going to eat you if you don’t be nice, I shouldn’t blame any of you for getting upset. And by the way…. Santa is the reason for global warming. He’s on vacation in Brazil and forgot to program his new electronic thermostat. He’s regulates the ice caps… and right now they’re melting. Help the polar bears.


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