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This is where my militant side arises. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and I would never infringe upon that right, that’s part of what makes America special, BUT that comes with conditions. One of those conditions, where I draw the line, is when your beliefs put someone else in harms way.

Prayer is “wishful thinking”, at best. No prayer has ever been demonstrated to have been granted. Most times, when an event pans out in someones favor they think the prayer has been answered…… what about amputees? I’m sure many have prayed…. I’ve yet to see a limb just grow back. I know many of you hold tight to your beliefs because there are things you can’t explain (read my blog on the “God of the Gaps Fallacy….yup… shameless plug) but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to just extend those beliefs beyond you to others. It’s called PERSONAL for a specific reason. Prayer is a way for people to FEEL like they’ve done something, without actually DOING ANYTHING. From public acts of terrorism to natural disaster, you always hear “send prayers”… HOW ABOUT…. send food, money, medical supplies, ect…. you can hope and pray all you want after you put forth actual effort.

With that being said, this couple has killed their second child because of their religious beliefs. If your religious beliefs cause harm to others, oppresses, or impedes the rights of others, you have a faulty belief system and you really need to check it.

The sad part about what’s taught in religion isn’t just the content, it’s that it should never be questioned. Children are taught this and they grow up to be adults that don’t question anything. Questioning information and authority is the FIRST STEP to breaking ignorance. You wonder why certain forms of hate and ignorance will always persist?… look at what we tell our children. OBEY, JUST LISTEN, DON’T QUESTION ME!! They grow up to be drones…. The world needs drones, I suppose.

Back to these two….. how about….. and it may sound cruel, but it’s no crueler than what they did…. we inject them with the same bacteria their child died from. Let them try to “pray it away” and put their beliefs to the test. If they seek any medical attention, arrest them and lock them up. PERIOD. That only proves they’re full of shit and that they deserve everything coming to them.



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