Posted: December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

I had the most amazing thing ever happen to me while I was asleep.I think I had my first lucid dream!! I also think I had sleep paralysis a bit. 

It’s about 5am and I’m laying in my bed (lights on), on my back facing up, and I begin to see my ceiling dim. As it dimmed, I felt really heavy and my hearing began to “cave in”, as if the room were getting smaller and smaller. I couldn’t really move, but I didn’t care for I was curious to see and experience what was happening to me. Though I was a bit shocked and nervous, I let go.

 I don’t remember how much time had past, but suddenly 2 distinct things happened-

1- I realized I was dreaming . My thoughts were extremely “heavy” and realistic. Once I realized I was in a dream state, I began to move around, consciously, within my dream. It wasn’t easy at first. 

2- I also realized my eyes were open and I was staring at my ceiling!! But I couldn’t really move, and I knew that I didn’t want to. It was an amazing, scary, and an entirely new experience.

As things were happening I could feel my body move. If I threw a punch, I could feel my arm twitch slightly. It became a balance between moving and not moving too much because I felt that I would knock myself out of this state.

 As for the dream itself, it’s a bit hazy. As I type this I remember a lot of colors and seeing a few of my friends. I was on the streets, kinda just walking around. The weirdest thing is I remember seeing my ceiling. I’m not sure if what I was hearing outside my window, which was open, was imposing on my dream. I was in a city environment and the busses start running outside at 5 am. As far as I can recollect, I couldn’t hear the real world.

It’s was like having 2 sides of the same being in 2 realms and they’re totally aware of the other.

I had to share. This was too intense not too.


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