My 3 Rules

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

If I had to give 3 rules to, what I would think to be, an easier life for us all…. I’d say;

1) Learn and understand the only true human virtue… Patience. You’d be pleasantly surprised at how much easier things become if you just wait another second, let’s things play out a little more, and take a little time to think. Reacting to stimuli purely from emotion has its consequences, often unforseen until it’s too late. 

2) Take chances. 20 years from now, people don’t regret what did, only the things they DIDN’T do. There’s a little voice in our mind that tells us to “abandon ship” at the slightest hint of failure or mishap. It’s ok to ignore that voice from time to time. 

3) Do rules 1 and 2 withing being a douchebag or endangering anyone else. 


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