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My dreamworld is absolutely amazing place to be…

My dreamworld is full of people who are independent within themselves and live their lives through character and not personality

My dreamworld is full of people who recognize that growing together is a greater path to effectiveness

My dreamworld is full of people who find it easier to lend a helping hand rather than point the finger

My dreamworld is full of people who look at failure as opportunity to help and not condemn

My dreamworld is full of people who recognize society as a whole and not specs of cultures occupying a space

My dreamworld is full of people who do not compromise

In my dreamworld, I can walk down the street with someone of a different race holding hands and not be judged

In my dreamworld, I can walk down the street with someone of the same sex holding hands and not be hated

In my dreamworld, I can get a job based off of my skills and accomplishments and not my looks

In my dreamworld, I can send my child to public school and not worry about the quality of education

In my dreamworld, If you are from America, you are American, not a color or a statistic

In my dreamworld, we are united and we love it

In my dreamworld, American is an ethnicity

In my dreamworld, homosexuality is a preference and not deviance

In my dreamworld, skin color is just a biological trait and not a label

In my dreamworld, subculture is expression and isn’t frowned upon

In my dreamworld, people are heard and not just looked at

In my dreamworld, there is no majority or minority

The media in my dreamworld don’t make violence a commodity

The media in my dreamworld isn’t superficial

The media in my dreamworld isn’t in it just for the ratings

The media in my dreamworld isn’t lowbrow

The media in my dreamworld don’t underestimate the intelligence of people

The government in my dreamworld communicates

The government in my dreamworld is transparent

The government in my dreamworld is run by the people

The government in my dreamworld isn’t in corporate America’s back pocket

The government in my dreamworld don’t underestimate the intelligence of its people

My dreamworld is full of people who communicate on a more personal level. Everyone is involved in society and it makes society effective. We are welcoming of difference and we seek to understand, even when we do not agree. We do not reduce ourselves to accomplish anything. We are a collective people who can take responsibility for our problems and work together to solve it. My dreamworld is awesome, but to take from the great George Carlin “…you gotta be sleep to see it..”


You’re Beautiful, Baby…

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Social Talk
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Is the “idea” of what is beautiful in society damaging to men and women? Is the idea of beauty about how we look or how we act? I can imagine many people having mixed answers. Some may say “No”, understanding they don’t see it. Even those who say “Yes” are mixed in that some just say it even though they may not understand why and others really see it. Most people, after some thought, would say beauty is a little of both a mixture how we look and act. This has been a topic discussed for many years.

Fact is, the U.S. cosmetic and weight loss industry spend billions of dollars each year in advertising. From models to mood and setting has taught the woman of the American society to measure themselves in the terms of physical appearance. Just look around at the sculpted bodies of Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated models or the rail thin bodies of high fashion models and its no wonder people are driven to augment themselves in ways that would make Dr. Frankenstein turn in his grave. These images of women we see in ads are often unattainable for most women.

In 2005 alone, 10,500,000 cosmetic surgeries were performed. At the top of the list of surgical procedures were; liposuction with 455,489 surgeries performed, breast augmentations with 364,610 surgeries performed, eyelid augmenting with¬† 231,467 surgeries performed, nose reshaping with 200,294 surgeries performed, and rounding out the top 5 is tummy tucks with 169,134 surgeries performed. Also think about the number of non surgical procedures which among the most popular include Botox injections with a staggering 3,294,782procedures performed. Horrifyingly enough is these numbers from 2004 are 1) procedures reported and 2) increasing year to year. I can’t imagine the number of procedures not reported. Men, though we are sociologically programed to be attractive through merit and achievement, have had our fair share of surgeries also totaling about 985,000 reported procedures in 2004.

Over the years too, models and their admirers alike have died in the stride for “beauty”.¬† In 2007, Eilana Ramos, a Uruguayan model died from anorexia. Her sister died the year before in August from a heart attack after living on lettuce leaves and diet coke for months. Another example is Ana Carolina Reston who, in 2006, died from an infection brought about by anorexia. She was only 21 years old and at the time of her death, she was 5’7″ and 88 pounds.

Who’s to say these numbers and people account for how women “look” according to beauty? I don’t know, but it looks pretty one sided to me. But what about how women “act”? Even in the past generations, women have always been the less “capable” characters like the assistant, the follower, or the perfect housewife that stayed at home and took care of the kids. It seems like society teaches women to attract men with their beauty and prize the relationships they have with men, not themselves. As a result, woman become very disciplined and reactive to men.

Men also play a role in the perception of beauty in society. Ads often show men getting the prettiest and most beautiful women. The idea of what is beautiful, in turn, reduces a man’s perception of women to nothing more than an object, rather than a person. Fellas, how many of us know a friend with multiple girlfriends? That guy can’t be that dependant on women that he has one for each day of the week. Typically, that person’s perception of beauty influences him to “collect” women as if they were toys.

I cannot deny that I haven’t fallen victim to the perceptions of beauty before. Women in advertising are often very beautiful and desireable and beuty plays a big part of our society and everyday life, but as the old age quote goes “beauty comes from within”. The beauty in character and values are often overlooked. I would love to see more ads that showed the beauty in love, friendship, and courtesy than the materialistic ads we have been conditioned to viewing. To women, you are all beautiful in my book, butwhat’s also in my book is “It is beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart”. We all have more to offer.