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Its 5 am….. Time to share a thought. (this might get a little long) My coworker, and friend, made a comment tonight about me learning how to juggle. She said soon I’m going to have a long resume of useless things. I laughed, because it was a cute comment, but my brain immediately began firing off a rebuttal and questions geared at attacking the foundation in reasoning that would even bring about a comment like that in the first place. But instead of attacking reasoning (knowing me I’ll end up doing it anyway), I figured I’d just say why I do the things I do.

 I have these little “rules” to my life. I try, to the best of my abilities, not to have anything I do NOT coincide with my rules. The first thing, and what’s most important, is my happiness. I’m very hedonistic in nature and almost everything I choose to do makes me happy. I feel that life is wasted if aren’t happy and you gain so much in the journey to it; new knowledge, friendships, experiences, ect. 

My second rule is that nothing is trivial. I’m a believer in the “butterfly effect” that the smallest things we do can have major effects on things in the future. The less things appear trivial, the less likely you are to take things for granted. 

Another rule to my life is that time and mind are the most precious things you can give a person. There’s no greater gift than teaching someone something new and nothing more valuable than time. You can get more money, you can’t get more time. 

Another rule is not to turn down a try. If you do…. There should be a really good reason not too, not just “I can’t right now”, “I’m too busy”, or “well… I don’t know”. If simple excuses keep you from trying things, you’re going to spend a lot of time in the future thinking about what you DIDNT do in the past. 

So, for me, juggling is another step towards my own personal happiness. To some it may not seem like much, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get more reward in making my daughter smile while doing it than in telling her it was something I wanted to do as a child but “just didn’t”. Stop making excuses for yourself, do what makes you feel good regardless of what the world may say. I do a lot of things from photography and writing to painting and now juggling. If people say, years from now, “damn, what DIDNT Marcus do?”……. I’ll be pleased with that! That’s fucking awesome. 

I just don’t turn down a try… Can you give me a good reason to? Better yet, can you give me a good reason why you have? (ah… see…. I couldn’t help it)

Don’t get caught up in the dream.. You know the house, the car, the job… That good ol’ American dream. There’s more to life than working your entire adult life to get by and leaving behind your inner child. The dream is for people who are asleep anyway.