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Can you imagine an America being full of people who actually strive for the “American Dream”? Where most people finished high school and went on to college. Right now 25% of those who graduate high school go on to college,  that’s after all the dropouts. If the dropout rate drops and the college turnover rate were say 50% I think the world as we know it would explode.

Let’s dwell deeper into this apocalyptic theory. One in four dropout in the public school system so the graduation rate is about 75%. If the dropout rate were one in ten or 90% then what would happen to all the social problems in urban neighborhoods!? Without these dropouts turning to the streets for respect you would see a new level of boredom in America. Face it, without the next generation of “degenerates” who would carry on the legacy of crime and despair that happens in streets now. Our police officers would not be killed in the line of duty and would go back to just writing tickets and helping old ladies across the streets. Our media would have NOTHING to talk about. I cannot imagine turning on the TV and the news not reporting a crime but having something good to say… that’s ridiculous!

This also means that parents are involved in education and teachers are enthusiastic about their work and their students. We cannot allow this to happen. When teachers and parents get more involved with their children and students, the students feel more self worth. They have something to look ahead to in life. They broaden their horizons and we all know those kids shouldn’t have this. These parents cannot open up to the community. When that happens they become more involved and we all know a society with educated and informed people is a doomsday device.

If out of the nine and ten students that graduate 50% of them go to college, that’s where the apocalypse begins. For example, the average African American family makes about 65% of what the average Euro-American family makes (about 38,000 to 58,000 if I’m not mistaken). You mean to tell me if more African American students went on to college this gap would close? OH HELL NO! This would mean that not just African Americans but all groups of people would prosper. The average income of families would increase while crime and violence fall. The American culture would integrate diversity and the wealth and power in society would begin distribute itself evenly. What’s even scarier is these people who educate them selves and become diversified and aware of their society would have children and families who do the same thing!

Without social stratification the world would shatter. We thrive off of the uneducated and underprivileged in our society. We love turning on the news and reading newspapers only to see the top story being someone killed last night. We see it in the media everyday and it never gets old. If you ask me, it’s the perfect joke. We love to walk down the streets and ignore the bum begging for change because we know he has the same oppurtunity to better himself like we have, so screw him for his laziness. We love walking into Walmart to be greeted by the 40 year old who dropped out of school and being served in the Mc Donald’s by the woman with 3 kids. We cannot allow these people to be replaced by students working afterschool a couple hours to make some spending money or college students working for their books. It’s no fun!! We wont feel good because these people are bettering themselves and America can’t have that. This would pull those at the top of capitalist-bureaucratic pyramid closer to middle America. They cannot have the plan they set into motion fall apart in front of their eyes. We all helped in building this world and it feels good, so why shake things up now with an educated, informed, effective, and diverse society!?


My dreamworld is absolutely amazing place to be…

My dreamworld is full of people who are independent within themselves and live their lives through character and not personality

My dreamworld is full of people who recognize that growing together is a greater path to effectiveness

My dreamworld is full of people who find it easier to lend a helping hand rather than point the finger

My dreamworld is full of people who look at failure as opportunity to help and not condemn

My dreamworld is full of people who recognize society as a whole and not specs of cultures occupying a space

My dreamworld is full of people who do not compromise

In my dreamworld, I can walk down the street with someone of a different race holding hands and not be judged

In my dreamworld, I can walk down the street with someone of the same sex holding hands and not be hated

In my dreamworld, I can get a job based off of my skills and accomplishments and not my looks

In my dreamworld, I can send my child to public school and not worry about the quality of education

In my dreamworld, If you are from America, you are American, not a color or a statistic

In my dreamworld, we are united and we love it

In my dreamworld, American is an ethnicity

In my dreamworld, homosexuality is a preference and not deviance

In my dreamworld, skin color is just a biological trait and not a label

In my dreamworld, subculture is expression and isn’t frowned upon

In my dreamworld, people are heard and not just looked at

In my dreamworld, there is no majority or minority

The media in my dreamworld don’t make violence a commodity

The media in my dreamworld isn’t superficial

The media in my dreamworld isn’t in it just for the ratings

The media in my dreamworld isn’t lowbrow

The media in my dreamworld don’t underestimate the intelligence of people

The government in my dreamworld communicates

The government in my dreamworld is transparent

The government in my dreamworld is run by the people

The government in my dreamworld isn’t in corporate America’s back pocket

The government in my dreamworld don’t underestimate the intelligence of its people

My dreamworld is full of people who communicate on a more personal level. Everyone is involved in society and it makes society effective. We are welcoming of difference and we seek to understand, even when we do not agree. We do not reduce ourselves to accomplish anything. We are a collective people who can take responsibility for our problems and work together to solve it. My dreamworld is awesome, but to take from the great George Carlin “…you gotta be sleep to see it..”

Reality Brain Melter

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Media
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What in the world is television programming coming to!? I know I’m late with this but is reality TV taking over or what? Everywhere you go there is an advertisement for a new reality game with a twist or some D-list Z list celebrity being followed around as if it weren’t scripted or planned. Well, like Elmer Fudge greatly quoted “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with a couple of shows with promos for the execs to use free of charge.

Moving On Up With the Obamas”– An intimate look into the life of our beloved president. Watch as the maids clean the floors and assistants run errands. “What’s Sasha have in her bookbag?”, why homework silly! Watch the girls study while mommabama picks out her next dress designer. Listen to vice president Biden snore because as always, there isn’t much for a vice president to do…

“15 Minutes”- We’re bringing back the famous people you love who stole 15 minutes of lives! Watch as your favorite 15 minute of fame celebs battle it out for 15 more minutes of fame. See your favorite stars like  Rodney King, Katie Holmes, Nadya “Octamom” Suleman, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Siegfried and Roy’s Tiger! What’s great about this new season, it’s a half hour episode per season with 5, yes 5, 3 minute commercials.

“Survivor: Recession”– We’ve done it again. Survivor is back with a whole new cast for what is promised to be the most heart wrenching season ever. This time the cast are dropped off in West Philadelphia in the midst of a “RECESSION“. “Oh goodness, I can’t take this!”, “My wallet…. MY WALLET!”, “Tastykake went up AGAIN!”. Tune in to see all the drama and alliances  unfold in the quest for A Philly prize pack including: a weekly zone 2 transpass, an old $600 stimulus check, and a Huffy mountain bike.

“One Stream”- “Yes my job is important. Where do you think the playgrounds come from… yes, us!”. Ever wonder what happens to those cans you put in your blue bin? Well these guys know first hand. From the producers of “Parking Wars” comes the newest show of paper, metal, and plastic proportions. Watch an all new “One Stream”, just following a new episode of “Mall Cops: The Gallery”.

I’m quite satisfied with my shows. I smell an instant success.