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Jean-Michel Basquiat was a neo-expressionist painter and graffiti artist in the late 70’s up to his death in the late 80’s. He grew up a gifted child and his work shows the brilliance of his mind. Sadly, he suffered the same fate as many young artist.

I first learned of Basquiat when I saw a documentary, The Radiant Child, created by some his closest friends and aquaintences. Never in my life had paintings spoke so much to me. I didn’t have any interest in painting before then. I grew up drawing cartoons and comics. High art, let alone painting, didn’t interest me. Jean-Michel not only conveyed the depths of his mind in his work, he opened my mind to wanting to do the same.

I had no training in painting, never bought supplies, and I still don’t know the technical side of the art, but I do it anyway. I don’t need to know that stuff because art is the best way to really let people know what’s on your mind. That’s all I do and I’ve never felt so free to express myself before. I feel like we have a mutual understanding of each other (even though he died when I was 1). The crown is a symbol he put in his work and it’s a symbol I hold very close to me. It’s in a lot of my work. It’s a symbol of individuality, freedom, brilliance, and radiance.

Seeing Jean-Michel’s work and learning of him through the accounts of those who loved him really empowered me to dig deep within myself in a way I’ve never done before and bring out something I didn’t think I had. I thank him for that. Now I try to do the same for others through my work. I want everyone to reach down in themselves and express any and everything they possibly can. Who cares what it looks like, that’s your stamp on humanity.