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I have friends, like myself, who are libertarian and take what we feel are the best parts of liberal and conservative thinking and mix it in with our own reasoning and ideologies. I tend to lean more liberal on social issues, especially in regards to equality, and I tend to lean more conservative on financial issues. Keywords in the last sentence being TEND and LEAN. With each issue I view, I gather as much information on what I don’t know, then I use my own understanding and reasoning for potential answers. I eventually I see where it lies, in regards to political ideology, but that’s not what’s important to me. I don’t just start out with the ideology of my affiliation…. that’s not good at all and it’s where most of the fuss begins.

I also have friends that are hardcore conservatives and others who are hardcore liberals. I view their posts on facebook all the time and I just don’t know what to make of it. In my opinion, I see more conservative postings as personal attacks on specific people, especially the president, downright MUDSLINGING, and in defense of certain rights, the popular one right now being the second amendment. Also, they run into conspiracy a lot too. I think they a lot of people put WAY too much confidence and trust in the government to efficiently pull off some of the things they are claimed to have done, especially without the evidence. Liberal posts used to be more personal, because I guess it was just “cool” to make bush look like a clown. Now it’s more, “let’s remind them who their last leader was” and small attacks on the conservative ideology itself, which I happen to like. Don’t attack people, attack ways of thinking.

I have mixed feelings about it all. Sometimes, I’m angered by the postings, other times I laugh, and sometimes I’m just puzzled at how people can think this way. In the end, I’m upset, more than anything else, at the polarization of people in America.

No matter WHO gets elected in office, you have half of America praising and defending the president, almost blindly, and the other half of America preparing slanderous postings and shouting “He’s not my president”. That’s what pisses me off. I sometimes think I put too much confidence in the American psyche, but doesn’t it say something about the American political complex that this happens EVERY TIME there’s a change in office!? Politics isn’t a fucking sport, but we treat it like teams. Look at the commercials, the conventions, the colors, the fans…. I mean…. yea, the FANS, because that’s what they act like.

I understand that there are no simple ways to solving social and economic issues. (example- to clear some debt, would you raise taxes or shut down a few public services to save money?) To suggest that the middle ground is the best way to go isn’t always a safe bet either. But, what I see most is that as soon as one side begins to speak, the other side shoves their fingers in their ears and yells “la la la la!”

That always gets me…. and I don’t get it. No one listens. Everyone would rather preserve the shifty integrity of their party and scapegoat problems to shed responsibility, rather than buck up, hold hands, and take on issues, balls out, like you think Americans would. This isn’t my America or your America, this is OUR America. Once we all fully understand and get past that last statement, it will transpire to our issues, and then to our goals.

Lastly, to throw my own little conspiracy into the mix- Big business and corporations have been in the back pockets of government for DECADES now. Not only do business run government, via lobbying and sponsorship, they play BOTH sides. They play the game well. In the end, nothing matters to business, except the bottom line.


The Day Before

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A lot of democrats don’t see the whole that party can dig, financially… And a lot of middle and lower class republicans don’t understand what it means to vote against their own self interest. They are both fed paranoia and fear by the media outlets they listen to… and both claim to hear the other side when really they don’t. Many on both sides vote over trivial, superficial things. Both sides¬†

are blinded by media and propaganda, and neither see the strings of the two sides being pulled by the same puppet master. 

I say go to school… pick up a book on economics and sociology… leave your religion and irrational views at the door… and stop spewing ad points we’ve all been hearing for the past year. Develop your own theories for solutions of both economic and social issues and see which candidate has a plan more in line with your view. For me, I believe education is key to aiding both our economic and social issues, and our public education system is beyond deterioration. The key to a prospering society is have its people educated and informed. Not just be knowledgeable, Snapple caps spit facts, but to be rational, informed, intelligent, thinkers. The educated and informed are less likely to commit crime, be bothered with insignificant social issues, and are more likely to be an active member in society.

All I hear is jobs, military, Jesus, Black. It’s old… busted… and worn. It’s sad that certain things still persist today, especially from the “birthers”.

This “lesser of the two evils” thing is a goddamn joke too. Why not say “hey… I wonder if there’s other candidates running that I actually agree with more?” The fact that most think we only have two parties in this country, and then to recognize them as both SHITTY, is a major problem. I say… let’s try something different. Who gives a shit how small a party is, they all start that way and they all have a voice.


I’m all for Gary Johnson, of course. But the odds are…. disappointing. Part of me wants Mitt Romney to win so he can dick slap America and leave his followers puzzled. I doubt I will be personally affected by any of his plans and policies…. so fuck it. Barack Obama had my vote 4 years ago. I opened my eyes and fell off the band wagon since then. Both sides have very strong points. I don’t think anyone can totally agree with either side. Republicans have good points on the economy, though they create more separation between class. Democrats are better on social issues, though the religious are likely to start bitching that they can’t get their way like they’re used to. I agree more with the policies and ideologies of Gary Johnson. It doesn’t mean totally or blindly, just more than the two major parties. To me, he’s more right than a liberal and more left than a conservative. Check him out and read up on the Libertarian party.