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V-Day is Upon Us

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, apparently I can’t talk about a different social topic because Valentines day is tomorrow. You know that one special day out the year where your suppose to reiterate the love you have for someone with flowers, a card, and a box of chocolates.

A friend of mine asked me what am I doing with my “significant other” and I replied “nothing”. As I anticipated, he asked why. (sigh) This will be quick. I show love every other day of the year. Valentine’s day just isn’t important to me, sorry to those who go all out for the one they love on February 14. All the gifts, candy, flowers, teddy bears, wine, cheese, and boxers with hearts on the butt cheeks¬† are just what bureaucratic leaders of our country want you to do. Yes, I said it.¬† Not surprising, many people choose to stay home with their person of interest and cook and watch a movie anyway. Screw the conventional idea of what the higher ups want you to do, this is a new day! It’s a revolution against the powers that be! We’re taking back society, starting with Valentines Day.

What’s next you ask!? Christmas and Holloween! Ok now I’m playing with fire. I love those holidays. I’m backing the bureaucrats there. Sorry revolution, those are the two awesome holidays.