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Reality Brain Melter

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Media
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What in the world is television programming coming to!? I know I’m late with this but is reality TV taking over or what? Everywhere you go there is an advertisement for a new reality game with a twist or some D-list Z list celebrity being followed around as if it weren’t scripted or planned. Well, like Elmer Fudge greatly quoted “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with a couple of shows with promos for the execs to use free of charge.

Moving On Up With the Obamas”– An intimate look into the life of our beloved president. Watch as the maids clean the floors and assistants run errands. “What’s Sasha have in her bookbag?”, why homework silly! Watch the girls study while mommabama picks out her next dress designer. Listen to vice president Biden snore because as always, there isn’t much for a vice president to do…

“15 Minutes”- We’re bringing back the famous people you love who stole 15 minutes of lives! Watch as your favorite 15 minute of fame celebs battle it out for 15 more minutes of fame. See your favorite stars like  Rodney King, Katie Holmes, Nadya “Octamom” Suleman, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Siegfried and Roy’s Tiger! What’s great about this new season, it’s a half hour episode per season with 5, yes 5, 3 minute commercials.

“Survivor: Recession”– We’ve done it again. Survivor is back with a whole new cast for what is promised to be the most heart wrenching season ever. This time the cast are dropped off in West Philadelphia in the midst of a “RECESSION“. “Oh goodness, I can’t take this!”, “My wallet…. MY WALLET!”, “Tastykake went up AGAIN!”. Tune in to see all the drama and alliances  unfold in the quest for A Philly prize pack including: a weekly zone 2 transpass, an old $600 stimulus check, and a Huffy mountain bike.

“One Stream”- “Yes my job is important. Where do you think the playgrounds come from… yes, us!”. Ever wonder what happens to those cans you put in your blue bin? Well these guys know first hand. From the producers of “Parking Wars” comes the newest show of paper, metal, and plastic proportions. Watch an all new “One Stream”, just following a new episode of “Mall Cops: The Gallery”.

I’m quite satisfied with my shows. I smell an instant success.