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Expect Us (Poem)

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Life
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My last post was originally a Facebook post I typed on my phone while laying in bed, mind racing. It was recieved so well I decided to make it a poem. I’m no poet…. enjoy.

We live in a society that ridicules and insults intelligence,
where cool kids poke fun and mock the smart kids.
Where adults shame those who dare question the boundaries of the world around them
and express their deep seeded desire for understanding the conundrum.

These same people jump on Facebook
to post and text, not knowing that it took
leaps, bounds, imagination, ingenuity, and risks,
from the theory of gravity, to the laws of quantum physics.
The culmination of man’s achievements at their feet,
all so they can bat their eyes, and send that tweet.

Now I’m not saying you need to know quantum physics
to operate a phone or to watch Netflix,
but the attitude we hole at large is deplorable,
regrettable, unfortunate, shameful, dire, and miserable.

But a shift is coming.

A minority brewing with desire and uncapped passion,
scientifically literate and ready for their unmasking,
driven to understand, learn, filled with desire
to keep moving forward, a hunger that won’t expire.

We know what “progression” means, and understand that
if we are to move forward, we cannot look back.
We have to let go old ways, old thinking must break,
for it stagnates progression and we repeat our mistakes.

I can’t tell you when it will happen,
I can only tell you we’re here,
standing strong, poised, and staunch
trust me, it’s near.
Expect to see a push for change,
for discovery and to explore,
the farthest of Horizons from our cosmic shore.

And I promise it’s worth it,
this change is for the best.
It’s most effective from within,
and the wisest can attest.

So if you feel it, you know it,
and want to stand,
we’re here in growing numbers,
with extended hands.
Inhale deep, with spirits elevated,